The First Switchback® Ride Installation

The Flying Ox

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (USA)

A one of a kind original.

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Located along a bustling tourist conduit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - The Flying Ox unveiled the game-changing cable to rail technology of the Switchback® ride system as the first ever installation.

The Flying Ox operates using a gravity-powered trolley with patrons suspended in harnesses. This early gravity-based system has been sunset in favor of the Switchback® self-powered vehicles, but The Flying Ox is not to be missed.

Riders have the ability to transition seamlessly between cable and rail at speed on a thrilling gravity-based route that would make Sir Isaac Newton proud.

The ride was a collaborative effort between Climbworks and Holmes Solutions. Since it debuted during the SAM Summer Ops show in 2019, the ride has operated daily with over 300,000 rides and counting.


The Flying Ox at the Lumberjack Feud Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was the first Switchback® installation. This ride is 90% rail and 10% cable and integrates with the Lumberjack Feud’s adventure course. Riders say they feel like they are flying as they transition from rail to cable during the ride.


Switchback® rides can be mostly cable, mostly rail or any combination of the two. Switchback® rides can be indoors, outdoors or a ride that transitions between the two. They can be big or small, thrilling or scenic, long or short, or have all the above in one ride. From ski resorts to family entertainment centers, cruise ships to amusement parks, Switchback® installations are limited only by your imagination.